How to Gain Facebook Fans – T-Shirt Joe

tshirt joe's facebook profile imageI know Joe. Actually, Joe knows a lot of people, and he meets hundreds more each week.  You see, Joe is an artist that makes air brushed t-shirts. And hundreds of people walk by his stand each and every day out at a popular theme park near where we live.

Joe is the first person I want to introduce to you in this two part process of how to gain fans on Facebook.

When Joe wanted to start his Facebook Page, he wanted to know how to gain lots of users. Easy I told him. Because of the type of business he has, he can just ask. But he does one better. After getting an Original T-Shirt from T-Shirt Joe, he asks to take your picture, and put it on his Facebook page. Then he hands them a flyer inviting them to see their picture, with his TShirt, or Hat, or any other thing he can air brush (which is just about everything).

I wasn’t sure if people would want their photo taken. But many do. Each night he downloads the photos of people posed for him holding up their new TShirt or Hat, and he posts them to his Facebook page. Takes him only a few minutes to do each day, but it gains him 35 to 40 new “likes” each week. A nice slow gradual, sustainable increase. The total cost, a few minutes each day, and a few bucks for the paper he hands them with his Facebook page on it.

The beauty of it, is that anyone who meets their customers, and creates a great experience for them like Joe does, can replicate this process. You’re limited only by the number of people you come in contact with, and how many you ask.

Currently we are working on developing is web site. When it is done, he will have thousands of fans who will be able to get the link to his site.

About Walter Wimberly

Walter is a strong believer in using technology to improve oneself and one's business.