Can you trust your business to Facebook?

I hear about businesses wanting to go solely on to Facebook, “because it’s free”, but they don’t realize the risks involved.

What would happen if your entire business went off line? Meaning that the only website you had, went down. Some people would thank that by putting themselves on a large system, like Facebook, you can insulate themselves from those risks.

You may think that  every website is going to have some down time. And you may rightly assume that they have a number of well qualified people to help get it back on line when there is a  problem.

However, there are risks of it going down because of its size as well.

First, because of it’s complexity, Facebook could go down due to complex programming errors. It may not go completely down, but it can in part. Second, is that hacker and/or activist groups may choose to attack the site.

I think that Facebook should be a part of your online strategy, however, it shouldn’t be your entire strategy either.

About Walter Wimberly

Walter is a strong believer in using technology to improve oneself and one's business.