Olympic Mashups for Even Better Competitions

OK, this is just for fun, but I’ve been thinking about the Olymics, and not just normal games and ceremonies. Rather, I wondered how to mash up two sports into an even more awesome sport. So with that, I offer you my Olumpic Mashup ideas.

So without further ado, I my proposal on some Olympic mashups. (Not that I think that the IOC will actually heed any of these awesome ideas.)

Discus and Skeet Shooting

So in skeet shooting, you shoot a small clay disc, that looks like a mini Frisbee. In discus, you throw a “Frisbee”. How about two opposing teams where one person throws, and the second tries to shoot the discus. You score based upon how far the discus goes before being shot.

Pole Vaulting and Beach Volleyball

Think about how awesome the spikes would be if they are coming from 15 to 20 feet up! Setting someone up for the spike would be of a challenge.

I was thinking of awarding bonus points for spiking based upon height. 1 point for up to 10 feet, 2 points for for 10 to 15 feet, and 3 points for higher than 15 feet.

Pole Vaulting and Javelin

A team sport where one person throws the javelin, and it becomes pole for vaulting over the high bar for the teammate.

This may also work for a team building exercise to build upon trust.

Table Tennis and Gymnastic High Bar

One hand to hold onto the bar, one to hold the paddle with.

Pistol Speed Shooting and High Dive

For added difficulty to your dive, you have to hit a bulls-eye before you hit the water, with no splash.

Beach Volleyball and Water Polo

That’s right. If you are like me you forgot that Water Polo is still a Olympic sport. So lets make this a little more interesting, by having you be able to score from both the land and water. In fact, points could be “1 if my land, 2 if by ‘sea'”. We’ll call it the Paul Revere scoring system.


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