websiteAccess2Learn is a separate website I maintain for students that I teach.

The website was originally intended to be just for my students, however, I noticed that more and more people were visiting to get access to the notes. So in Jan of 2013, I went through a major redesign, and built the site on top of WordPress. Now I have better organization, a built in search feature, and downloads that I can track.

The layout was based off of the Genesis Theme, however, a child theme was developed to create the layout I had designed.

Information for my students is still on the website, however, now it also contains tutorials for MS Office, Web Design, and C# programming.

A custom layout was created by adjusting the PHP code, CSS layout, and interaction improvement through jQuery, as well as addingĀ  customized JavaScript code.

About Walter Wimberly

Walter is a strong believer in using technology to improve oneself and one's business.