Service Desk Website

service desk website

This internal help desk web application was built to replace several off the shelf applications that were not meeting the needs of the organization, and were costing the organization too much money.

The Service Desk web application is built on top of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM product. A .Net web application, built using C#, was used to provide a custom front end. jQuery and jQueryUI were used to enhance the user experience, and proper use of CSS was used to provide a fast and consistent experience for users, regardless of their browser.

The future was also thought of while designing this application. While it currently resides inside of the firewall for this application, it is ready for mobile devices once it is opened to the outside.

In addition to the help desk application, HR and Accounting have modules built into the website. This allows a sharing of data between systems, for easier integration, and reducing costs by only having one system instead of multiple.

HR’s section includes the ability to request, track, and approve employee status change forms. Accounting is having a module built which will allow it to have spending requests submitted, tracked, and approved at all levels.

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