Always ask your developer…


I don't know about you, but I hate to ask for help. Maybe it's a source of pride on my part. Yet, so often I see the benefit of getting help. I was recently talking to a long time client. They were talking about how long it was taking them to do this back office process. (They were getting all of the mailing addresses for their customers who purchased from this past year to send them a small thank you gift.) To do this they were opening every order made, copying the info, and then moving … [Read more...] website

Access2Learn is a separate website I maintain for students that I teach. The website was originally intended to be just for my students, however, I noticed that more and more people were visiting to get access to the notes. So in Jan of 2013, I went through a major redesign, and built the site on top of WordPress. Now I have better organization, a built in search feature, and downloads that I can track. The layout was based off of the Genesis Theme, however, a child theme was developed to … [Read more...]

Service Desk Website

service desk website

This internal help desk web application was built to replace several off the shelf applications that were not meeting the needs of the organization, and were costing the organization too much money. The Service Desk web application is built on top of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product. A .Net web application, built using C#, was used to provide a custom front end. jQuery and jQueryUI were used to enhance the user experience, and proper use of CSS was used to provide a fast and consistent … [Read more...]

Opportunity Knocks

opportunity knocks website

Opportunity Knocks is an internal training newsletter that provides information about training opportunities, tips, and information about community involvement. Originally this letter was being put together in MS Publisher, and emailed to employees as a PDF. This, however, meant that it could not be easily searched and that people often did not read it. The newsletter would go out every two to three months, and took nearly a week to assemble. In 2009, I reviewed some of the previous … [Read more...]

Optimizing Your Internal Websites to Boost Productivity

Time is Money

A lot of people will talk about how important it is for your website to be fast, especially for websites that face your customers.  But what about internal websites for your employees. Could a faster website boost productivity? Their productivity is a cost that you may want to optimize. Now several studies have shown that even a few tenths of a second affect the user's perspective on a website, and how likely they are to want to use it. But I've heard several owners say how they are not as … [Read more...]

Customer Training @ SunGard Public Sector

website for

I took over the Training & Development websites for SunGard PS in 2007. I was tasked with redesigning the interface and managing the training system. This legacy application is written in ASP Classic and connects to a SQL Server 2008 database. The database was updated from SQL Server 2000 when I started on the project. I found several defects in the system that was purchased, and went about redesigning core components over the next several years.  This included  redesigning the Class … [Read more...]

South Florida Putting Greens

south florida putting greens website

I took over this site several years ago. It was originally designed by another company, however, the site was taking a long time to load, and did not provide for an easy way for customers to contact the company. I initially redesigned the layout of the website, shaving off almost a megabyte of download per page by optimizing the navigation structure. This was done using CSS Sprites, and removing table based layouts. This produced a faster downloading site, that appeared quicker to the end … [Read more...]

Should your business be tweeting?

This week another article has come out about Fortune 500 CEOs not tweeting enough. You see this periodically. Generally, the article is something like "I tweet. You don't. So you're doing it wrong." However, it is also from someone who isn't running a large company. This is like the guy who watches the pro play a game, and complain about how the pro is blowing the game. If he was playing instead, the team would be winning. And how many people believe the arm chair quarterback? … [Read more...]

Olympic Mashups for Even Better Competitions

OK, this is just for fun, but I've been thinking about the Olymics, and not just normal games and ceremonies. Rather, I wondered how to mash up two sports into an even more awesome sport. So with that, I offer you my Olumpic Mashup ideas. So without further ado, I my proposal on some Olympic mashups. (Not that I think that the IOC will actually heed any of these awesome ideas.) Discus and Skeet Shooting So in skeet shooting, you shoot a small clay disc, that looks like a mini Frisbee. In … [Read more...]

Can you trust your business to Facebook?

I hear about businesses wanting to go solely on to Facebook, "because it's free", but they don't realize the risks involved. What would happen if your entire business went off line? Meaning that the only website you had, went down. Some people would thank that by putting themselves on a large system, like Facebook, you can insulate themselves from those risks. You may think that  every website is going to have some down time. And you may rightly assume that they have a number of well … [Read more...]