The design of your website doesn’t matter!?

In a previous article, I asked, does your website look good? And if it (your website looking good) actually mattered? Pop Quiz - did anyone go out an try to find a "pretty" website? Just curious. If I had asked you to think of an ugly site, you could have probably come up with several examples easily. You might not be able to explain why they were ugly, but you could come up with them. People find it easier to remember bad things than good things. Your site's design shouldn't be … [Read more...]

Does your website look good? Does it Matter?

I read a recent article asking if anyone really cares about the design of a website. The basic premise was that the design should not get in the way of the site. This is correct, but I'll take it a step further. Consider the last site that you found yourself amazed at how good it looked. Go ahead - think hard about the site...what you can't? No pretty sites coming to mind? Don't worry - you're perfectly normal. Designers, especially those fresh from college, will try to tell you how … [Read more...]

Validator – JavaScript Form Validator

OK so I said I would be releasing some of the tools I've developed over time to the general public. Well here is the first one: Validator. It is a JavaScript (not that you'll have to write hardly any of it) form validator. With just a one line of code to initialize it, and a couple of easy attributes to add to your form elements, you can have access to 23 (yes count them 23 - actually do count them I'm afraid of missing one or two) different types of validation for your form inputs. … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Walt Design & Development blog

This is the official blog for Walt Design and Development. Within this blog you can find out about: New projects recently finished Open Source tools for you to use thing to help your Small Business on-line and more... With over 10 years experience in developing web sites and web applications, we have some experience that you might find usefully. … [Read more...]

New Assets

Walter literally saved us on more than one occasion when he joined us late last year. He has always been there for us, often responding within the hour to an urgent email request for help. He is, without question, the most reliable, honest, skilled, and reasonably priced professional programmer I have ever known in 30 years of business. I would unhesitatingly recommend him for any programming work you might require. - Michael Berns, President New Assets … [Read more...]

Showcases To Go

I began employing Walter’s services in May of 2001 to completely re-design my website. He worked very closely with me, particularly in the beginning, to systematically and carefully build the site so that it would have all the versatility and capability necessary for expansion and growth. I have found that having an effective website means continually updating it as well as incorporating new product designs and special promotions. Besides designing the basic structure of my website, Walter has … [Read more...]

CREAT staff member

He provided constant and practical feedback on other's ideas, keeping a balance between our lofty goals and our realistic abilities. ... I knew I could count on Walter. ... [He] would make a fine addition to any business endeavor. - Michael Brubaker, CREAT staff member … [Read more...]