Olympic Mashups for Even Better Competitions

OK, this is just for fun, but I've been thinking about the Olymics, and not just normal games and ceremonies. Rather, I wondered how to mash up two sports into an even more awesome sport. So with that, I offer you my Olumpic Mashup ideas. So without further ado, I my proposal on some Olympic mashups. (Not that I think that the IOC will actually heed any of these awesome ideas.) Discus and Skeet Shooting So in skeet shooting, you shoot a small clay disc, that looks like a mini Frisbee. In … [Read more...]

“World Backup Day”

A bunch of Reddit users have decided to declare March 31 as World Backup Day, using the clever tagline “Don’t be an April Fool.” I know if I lost my work, it would be bad. How bad, like I don't even want to think about it... of course I don't want to think about it, because I have lost work before. However, I work to not repeat that mistake, and to help others not have to learn like I did. There are numerous ways to back up data. I do periodic backups over time to external drives, which I … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

Image via Wikipedia Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Enjoy your time with family and friends this season, and have safe travels. … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to quickly say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.  Enjoy the turkey, and travel safely. … [Read more...]