Can you trust your business to Facebook?

I hear about businesses wanting to go solely on to Facebook, "because it's free", but they don't realize the risks involved. What would happen if your entire business went off line? Meaning that the only website you had, went down. Some people would thank that by putting themselves on a large system, like Facebook, you can insulate themselves from those risks. You may think that  every website is going to have some down time. And you may rightly assume that they have a number of well … [Read more...]


As a lost coder and developer, Walter was my go to person. Several times I contacted Walter instead of contacting Google! He always had great answers to all my questions and consulted with me on any issue I had with development. After contacting Walter, on several occasions I had "AHA" moments, "Now I get it!". I always come back to WaltDesign to learn more. Consulting with Walter is always on my to do list on any project I'm working on. He is definitely a guru. Thank you, WaltDesign, for easing … [Read more...]

Today is Data Privacy Day

I don't know about you, but I'm always a bit paranoid with how much information is out there about me. Whether it comes from Credit Card receipts, or data stored on other people's servers. Whether it is your information, or your customer's, you should always mindful of how personal information is being used. This is the idea behind Data Privacy Day ( Personal identifiable information (PII) while necessary to have in many businesses needs to be handled with … [Read more...]

How Many People Use Other Browsers?

Recently I wrote about a company who designed their website solely for users of Internet Explorer. Most research shows that on a typical day 20% to 25% of all web visits occur with another browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for example). And not allowing your site to be viewable in other browsers, is just like it not allowing a customer in your store because of the type of car they drive. Interesting research is being shown, that more and more users have multiple browsers installed on their … [Read more...]