Building Effective Landing Pages – An Example

Going live today are thousands of landing pages. You know those pages when you click on a link from an email that you receive, or a "sponsored list"/ad from a website or search engine. Many of these landing pages will be well done, but others will not. Today we will look at one example of a landing page that is going live today, to give you an idea of what to look for in a good landing page. This page loads fast! In fact, in our testing it displays under a half a second, and is finished … [Read more...]

Privacy vs. Employment – Required Access?

Could you imagine being required to turn over a copy of your house keys as a condition of employment? "Just to make sure you're the right type of employee..." Maybe a detailed list of your personal phone log? "To make sure you're not talking to the 'wrong people'"... Probably not, but some companies, and colleges, are asking the equivalent of their employee's (student's) facebook account, especially if the privacy is set to private. While I can understand an employer's desire to make sure … [Read more...]

Lessons from Jose Baez’s Website

Almost everyone has had the TV on, or been to an Internet news site has heard about the Casey Anthony case. Instead of weighing in on the case like everyone else, finding where legal arguments were done right and wrong, I instead want to look at a glaring business error that should be viewed, so that we may learn from Jose Baez's website. Right now, Jose Baez's name is popular. People are searching for him, and in many ways, he could "write is own ticket". This is the time when you need a … [Read more...]

Any Occasion Photography Blog

I recently put the finishing touches on another client's blog. Any Occasion Photography, a wedding photography company in Central Florida, has been a client of mine since 2004 when it opened. Over the years I've done a redesign on their website and numerous gallery updates. However they were wanting something different a few weeks ago. They wanted a quick and easy way to post updates about their clients, the work they do, and tips and hints for brides (and grooms) when choosing a wedding … [Read more...]