Any Occasion Photography Blog

I recently put the finishing touches on another client's blog. Any Occasion Photography, a wedding photography company in Central Florida, has been a client of mine since 2004 when it opened. Over the years I've done a redesign on their website and numerous gallery updates. However they were wanting something different a few weeks ago. They wanted a quick and easy way to post updates about their clients, the work they do, and tips and hints for brides (and grooms) when choosing a wedding … [Read more...]

WordPress Wins CMS Awards

People continue to ask why I look to Wordpress to build even non blog websites. For various reasons of course, including ease of creating content, ease of changing layouts, and ease of adding modules (plug-ins). All of those factors and more led Wordpress to win the "Hall of Fame CMS" from Pakt Publishing. Pakt Publishing sponsored the Open Source CMS contest, and Wordpress won against other strong contenders like Drupal and Joomla. While it's nice to use "award winning" software, the more … [Read more...]

Updates to WordPress

I use Wordpress, and have been using it for a couple of years now. Some clients have been asking, why I recommend using Wordpress, even if they are not going to have a blog (i.e. using it as a Content Management System or CMS). One of the things I like about Wordpress is they are very responsive to fixing bugs, but more importantly to fixing security problems. Some wonder how software, which is offered for free, could offer maintenance in a timely fashion. The answer is in the volunteers … [Read more...]