Custom Computer Applications

While most of the work I focus on includes development of web based solutions for my clients, every once and a while, they will need a solution to use in an environment where the web would be an incorrect choice, or that they would not have access to the web (such as on a laptop in a traveling environment).

Most of these applications came about because of the needs which we found in our or our customers' everyday lives.  This is by no means an all inclusive list, as much of what we do is write custom software.

Audio Player

Plays .wav, .mid, and .mp3 files. Allows you to select multiple files for sequential play or single play.  Files can be played according to a hot key assigned to their position, or through any one of several methods.

Electrician's Quote Designer

Electrician's Quote Maker Screen ShotThe Electrician's Quote Designer allows an electrician to store information on their customers, as well as some common quotes they may want to generate. Additionally, they can store different mark-up costs based upon their base cost. A product information section lets them store information for their products, including a base cost and an estimated time to install.

When generating a quote, information about the type of service, the Amps needed for the service, and wiring, as well as any additional mark-up can be easily entered. Additionally, any special notes can be generated if they are needed.

Individual quotes can be easily printed with a single button. Other reports can list all of the times that you might sell, as well as a list of all customers.

For more information, or to generate a custom version of this software, please contact us.

IT School Asset Tracker

IT Asset Tracker Screen ShotAfter going through an IT audit and lab set ups for a technology school, I realized the need for an efficient way to track the hardware and software of a school, or similar institute. Included is tracking contacts for vendors, as well as the number of licenses on hand, those licenses being used, and the number of software licenses not being used. Additional features include the ability to determine which software needs to be installed in which labs, given different load outs for each lab, and the ability to insert notes about software to be used during a install process.

Teacher Grade Management

Grade Management Screen ShotThe Teacher Grade Management software is a database management application to track students, classes, and grades in a post secondary environment (although secondary schools could also use it). This application allows the teacher to view averages for individual assignments, as well as for individual students.

Different types of assignments can be given with different weights based upon the type of assignment.

Grades can viewed for a class or a student in detail (showing each assignment) or on a single page with only the averages being displayed, allowing them to be turned in for final grades. Progress reports can be generated for students throughout the term.

System level management allows for the addition of different meeting days and times. And while it was originally intended for a single user environment, the newest version allows multiple instructors to use the software.