Flash Design and Programming

These are some examples of Flash applications, items which help the productivity of a company or the effectiveness of their website. I have also written some Flash based games for fun.

Room Viewer V1.1

Room Viewer ScreenshotDeveloped to show where all of the rooms were in a single building.

  • Clicking on the stairs or the elevator allows you to move between floors.
  • Clicking on a room displays the room's purpose if it is not an office.
  • If the room is an office, then clicking on it will display the person's name, their title, and allow you to e-mail that person.
  • Roll over the elevator for music, and the bathrooms for....
  • Uses Actionscript 2.0, XML, and XPath to store and retrieve information important to the system's workings.

View live sample.

Digital Birth Announcement

Birth Announcment ScreenshotThis was a digital birth announcement for my second son. This was created to allow friends and family out of town (there was an out-of-state wedding that weekend in our family) to see photos of my newborn without having to wait for film developing, mail delivery, etc. 90% of it was put together in the evenings when I had to take my oldest son home after being at the hospital all day.

View live sample.

Low Tone Live

Low Tone Live Screenshot

Flash Splash page (other pages coming soon) which shows the logo of the band. When clicked, the candle is blown out, and the user is taken to the news page for the site.

This flash animation was optimized from the original 2 files at over 200K, to a single file less than 130K in size, for reduced server load and reduced download time for the clients.

I worked with a designer to help program the Splash Page's Actionscript, and optimization of the Flash animation based upon their needs.