Multimedia Portfolio Projects

CD-ROM development is very similar to development for the web. However it has several advantages and disadvantages over the web. First, even with the increasing number of homes and businesses with fast broadband connections to the Internet, there are still limits to the amount of information you can quickly transfer over the Internet. CD-ROMs allow for more content to be included, such as videos, audio files, and animation.

Any Occasion Photography Promotional CD

Any Ocassion Photography Promotional CDThis is a promotional CD for a Wedding Photography company. Using photos taken by the company, I developed a CD-ROM to be used as a promotional tool at a bridal show or to mail to prospective clients.

It included an interactive slide show of photos from different times within the wedding day, as well as the company's photography style, advantages of using the company, testimonials, and providing contact information (including a link to their website).

Care was given to how the CD was developed, so the promotion could be placed not only on a regular CD, but also a mini-CD if necessary.

Visual Dictionary

Visual Dictionary ScreenshotThe concept was to provide a visual dictionary for young children who were learning disabled. We worked with a local elementary school's autistic kindergarten and first grade class to determine what their needs were.

The application is customized by asking for the student's name when it starts, and displaying that name on the top of the screen. Additionally, the there is a difficulty setting that the teacher can set based upon the level of the child.

Based upon the child's setting, different words are displayed. The child sees an image representation of the word, and can also hear the word, and hear it in a sentence.

I directed the design and development of this application as advisor for a Senior Team Design project. In addition to overseeing the project, I helped provide much of the programming to help get the project to interact properly with with child.

Web Degree Promotional

IADT Web Promotion Screen ShotThis project was put together with the assistance of two other faculty members of the college. (One assisted with the design, the other with scoring the music.) It was to showcase the Web Design and Web Development programs that were offered at the college, for both students and employees of the college.

We created the basic flow, had the information approved, and created interactive features such as rollover effects, background animations, and transitional animations between the different scenes.

Video Introductions

IADT Welcome Video Screen ShotThis project was developed to allow students to be introduced to the school officials through a video distributed on a CD-ROM. This allowed for a smoother, shorter process of student orientation, as well as the ability of a student to review information covered during the orientation program.