Web Design Portfolio

Web design is the process of creating an interesting site which the web site user can see. The work is based on the "front end" and entails things such as User Interface Design (how usable is the web site), traditional design (is it attractive to look at), standards compliance (will the web site look correct in different browsers), and optimization (for quick downloads even under high loads).

Web design often works hand in hand with Web Development (the process of creating a web application for e-commerce or other data driven sites).

Dayspring Community Church

Dayspring Community Church Screen ShotI took over this site in 2005, to improve the timeliness of the content. Likewise I added several features to make the administration easier, and capable by the church staff.

  • Added an automated on-line gallery.
  • Converted layout to CSS to reduce download time, improve search engine ranking, and improve readability for those with visual impairments.
  • Developed dynamic pages for each of the ministries so that church staff can make updates on their own.
  • Developed dynamic pages for each of the leaders, incorporating images and web-based e-mail (soon).
  • Added an on-line calendar for upcoming church events which church staff can update on their own.
  • Provided on-line maps to make it easier for people to find the locations.
  • Recently redesigned layout of the site to work with new logo and colors.


Joshua - IT Services

Joshua IT Services Screen ShotThis start-up company, needed a web presence to be quickly designed and implemented. Based upon client input, time-constraints, and budget, we came up with a simple site which would download quickly, be easy to navigate, and could easily be updated.

Additionally, the site was designed for future growth in mind, which would allow job and resume postings to be stored within a database, and retrieved by end-users and company staff with ease.

Southern College

Southern College Screen ShotI maintained and enhanced the public web site of this private college, as well as the private site set up specifically for the students from 1999-until the school had to unfortunately close down in 2001. Achievements for the site once I took over included:

  • Improved usability and end-user interaction.
  • Converted the entire student handbook to an on-line format, including cross-linking all of the course information.
  • On-line early registration form for existing students - so they could register easier, and with fewer man hours needed from administration to handle the registration tasks.
  • Prospective student form - to get more information about the school, which increased school exposure and enrollment. The on-line information request form generated over 50% of all new incoming inquiries that the school received during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2000 - and allowed the school to expand their reach from the local Central Florida area to be nationwide.