Web Development Portfolio

Showcases To Go: http://www.showcasestogo.com/

Showcases To Go ScreenshotDeveloped a database to store the contents of their catalog and built a shopping cart for their users to store their purchases in. From there the user can choose to purchase on-line, in which case it takes their credit card information, or off-line, in which case it builds a print off form so they can mail in a check if they want to.

Additionally special discounts, limited run promotions, and other complexities are handled through this system.

Also there is a password protected admin section which allows the owner of the company to check new orders, review testimonials that customers have given, look up customers and orders, and check on survey results (Each customer is given a survey when they order so the site can track different things.). The owner can also pull statistical information to see how the website is doing financially.

The owner is currently getting about 73% of his sales through his website.

Any Occasion Photography: http://www.anyoccasionphotography.com/

Any Occasion Photography ScreenshotThe site was designed to show potential customers the different types of photography that Any Occasion Photography shoots, as well as generate leads from the interest it would create. Therefore, potential customers are shown the different types of photography services they provide, as well as photography samples.

The Photo Galleries are all dynamically generated, so the site owner only has to upload the files into the correct folder. Thumbnails and larger images are dynamically displayed.

Potential customers can automatically send an e-mail through a web form to the owner. This was developed to allow people to e-mail them, while reducing the risk of spam bots harvesting e-mail addresses.

An on-line ordering system is currently being developed for the site as well. This will allow former customers to review their photos, and order them from the convenience of their home or office. Additionally, it will allow the customer to show off the photos to other people, which works as an additional way to generate leads for Any Occasion Photography.

Approximately 50% of the leads are coming from the website at this time.

MLS Find Home: http://www.mlsfindhome.com/

MLS Find Home Screen ShotI worked with a design company to develop this site. They created the interface and front end; I developed the database back end, as well as all of the forms and the programming that makes the site work. The ads on the site are randomly pulled from the database, and as you select a state, then a county within the state, and then the city, the ads narrow in focus to what you are selecting. If no one has signed up in that section, then the site will back up a level and show you something on the next higher level. Leads are taken from the site, and sent to the realtor and/or mortgage company who has requested leads for that city.

Additional back-end sections of the website are password protected for the site administrator, the account representatives, and the accounts (realtors and mortgage agents). Depending upon who they are, they can request new cities to get leads from, add new cities, and/or manage accounts. This even includes the ability to upload the image that gets displayed with their account. Administrators can additionally pull reports to get lists of all of the leads that have been generated over a given period of time, and by the type of lead generated.

Dayspring Community Church: http://www.dayspringorlando.com/

Dayspring Community Church Screen ShotI took over this site to improve the timeliness of the content. Likewise I added several features to make the administration easier, and capable by the church staff.

  • Added an automated on-line gallery.
  • Converted layout to CSS to reduce download time, improve search engine ranking, and improve readability for those with visual impairments.
  • Developed dynamic pages for each of the ministries.
  • Developed dynamic pages for each of the leaders, incorporating images and web-based e-mail (coming soon).
  • Added an on-line calendar for upcoming church events.

Key Bay Mortgage Company: http://www.keybaymortgage.com/

I worked with a designer to develop this site. They created the interface and front end while I developed all of the on-line forms which are used to e-mail their office new leads and prospects. Additionally I built a mortgage calculator for the web users to calculate how much they could expect to pay per month for their new mortgage.