Usability Testing

Can users effectively use your website or application? Can they find what they need in a timely fashion, without errors? Does your application, whether it be on the web or as a desktop application, work quickly enough? These are questions to ask yourself when performing a usability test.

Several aspects must be considered to properly evaluate any website or application:

  • Navigation – Do your users know how to quickly get from one section to another? Are there too many steps? Keeping things simple allows your users to find the information they need, and purchase the products they want.
  • User Errors – Will your system check for potential errors? Will it alert the user in a friendly manner, or will it crash? Users should know what to do when a problem arises, otherwise, you risk alienating your users and losing customers.
  • Speed/Efficiency – How fast is your application running? A website that is fast for a single user, may be unacceptably slow for 50 users. Users do not care about how many users are on your website, so your site needs to be designed for speed.

Knowing these questions is but just a start. How do you solve them? Do your developers know how to test for them, before your application is put on display before the public? Let us help you determine how to improve your site or application.

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