Web Design & Development

Web Design

web-design-any-occasion-photographyA good web design will help you promote your products and/or services. Design is what most users end up seeing. It can be something simple like an online brochure to something more complex, such as producing online shopping and more.

A large part of website design is ensuring that your site is not only submitted to search engines, but also helping improve visibility from within the search engine.

Additionally, we work with traditional designers who normally work within the print industry, but need to develop a website for a client. As a contractor, you still get to bid on the larger more complex jobs, while not losing the majority of your work.

Look at our web design portfolio for examples of our work for specific clients.

Web Development

web-development-showcases-to-goWeb development incorporates not just designing a website, but building it to support your business. This can include online catalogs to allow users to order, or simply filling out a form to send you information.

Complex applications allow your business to be run from the Internet, so your office can be anywhere you have access to the Internet. Therefore, password protected sections of your website must be implemented. From here you can track your orders, get information about your customers, and add new products.

We also work with other web designers on a contract basis to help them with aspects that they may not feel comfortable doing. This includes database design work, custom shopping carts, e-mail forms, and online payment processing.

Look at our web development portfolio for examples of our work for specific clients.

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