Website Optimization

web-site-grade-optimizationYour website has less than 5 seconds to catch someone’s attention. Any more than that, and you risk losing your customer, especially if they are visiting for the first time. Website optimization takes your existing website, and optimizes it so it downloads faster.

In my experience with optimizing websites, it is not uncommon to reduce the amount of unnecessary download by 15 to 40% of the original size. It is not uncommon for clients to increase in the number of users, and a decrease in bandwidth. A decrease in extra bandwidth charges can save you money – in addition to the extra revenue generated by more users.

Website Optimization gives you several benefits.

  • Your users see your site quicker and are ready to move through your site.
  • Reduced network expenses caused by the reduction of unnecessary page bloat.
  • Your server can handle more visitors because there is more available space to move users through on your web server.

Customer Experiences

One of our clients averages 50% more customers to his site, and yet his overall bandwidth usage is only now approaching what it was 2 years ago.

Another client saw his homepage go from loading in 10 seconds, to loading in approximately 2 seconds, despite actually adding additional content to the homepage.

We also work with other web designers on a contract basis to help them with aspects that they may not feel comfortable doing. This includes database design work, custom shopping carts, e-mail forms, and online payment processing.

Look at our web design portfolio for examples of our work for specific clients.