Always ask your developer…

I don't know about you, but I hate to ask for help. Maybe it's a source of pride on my part. Yet, so often I see the benefit of getting help. I was recently talking to a long time client. They were talking about how long it was taking them to do this back office process. (They were getting all of the mailing addresses for their customers who purchased from this past year to send them a small thank you gift.) To do this they were opening every order made, copying the info, and then moving … [Read more...]

Service Desk Website

This internal help desk web application was built to replace several off the shelf applications that were not meeting the needs of the organization, and were costing the organization too much money. The Service Desk web application is built on top of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product. A .Net web application, built using C#, was used to provide a custom front end. jQuery and jQueryUI were used to enhance the user experience, and proper use of CSS was used to provide a fast and consistent … [Read more...]