Customer Training @ SunGard Public Sector

I took over the Training & Development websites for SunGard PS in 2007. I was tasked with redesigning the interface and managing the training system. This legacy application is written in ASP Classic and connects to a SQL Server 2008 database. The database was updated from SQL Server 2000 when I started on the project. I found several defects in the system that was purchased, and went about redesigning core components over the next several years.¬† This included¬† redesigning the Class … [Read more...]

South Florida Putting Greens

I took over this site several years ago. It was originally designed by another company, however, the site was taking a long time to load, and did not provide for an easy way for customers to contact the company. I initially redesigned the layout of the website, shaving off almost a megabyte of download per page by optimizing the navigation structure. This was done using CSS Sprites, and removing table based layouts. This produced a faster downloading site, that appeared quicker to the end … [Read more...]

How important is a good designer?

I've taught at design schools, and it is interesting to see what comes out of young minds. I like looking at design blogs, to get ideas, both good and bad, and to be amazed at what some people create. However, just because someone thinks that putting a flashy design on something makes it better, doesn't make it better. Consider the traffic light. We see them every where (and I always seem to catch them red, so drive in front of me if you have some place to be). Some feel that they are boring, … [Read more...]