Dayspring Community Church

I took over this site in 2005 and maintained the site through 2011 to improve the timeliness of the content. I added several features to make the administration easier, and capable by the church staff. These included: Adding an online gallery. Converting the layout to CSS to reduce download time, improve search engine ranking, and improve readability for those with visual impairments. Developing dynamic pages for each of the ministries so that church staff can make updates on their … [Read more...]

Google Using Page Speed as a Ranking Factor in Search Results

Google announced this week that the speed of a page is now being considered as part of how they rank pages on a web site.¬† This has some people happy, others scrambling. There are a couple of things which need to be considered with this news. Google uses over 200 factors to "grade" a site, determining where it should be placed in the search engine rankings. Adding 1 additional factor, unless it is a large factor should have little effect on the search results. "All things being equal I … [Read more...]

Does clean HTML lead to better Search Engine Rankings?

I've seen numerous posts where people have claimed that good clean HTML leads to better SEO rankings. I've even talked about the lie that of the link between SEO and valid HTML. I've yet to see any studies done which verify this claim and in fact I've even seen evidence to the opposite effect being true. I pointed out how in some competitive markets, the higher the ranking for the site the worse the validation recently in another post. This does not mean that poor code relates to higher … [Read more...]

More Browser Updates – Google’s Chrome

About a year ago, Google release their own browser, Chrome.¬† They been hard at work updating it, wanting to take more of the browser market share. They built a good browser for power users, if you didn't mind not having the extensions you've come to love and expect in Firefox. Well now they are adding some of those extensions as well as other improvements. Read the official release here. … [Read more...]