Access2Learn is a separate website I maintain for students that I teach. The website was originally intended to be just for my students, however, I noticed that more and more people were visiting to get access to the notes. So in Jan of 2013, I went through a major redesign, and built the site on top of WordPress. Now I have better organization, a built in search feature, and downloads that I can track. The layout was based off of the Genesis Theme, however, a child theme was developed to … [Read more...]

Updating the Any Occasion Photography website

In the last post, I mentioned that I had updated the Any Occasion Photography website. There were several core updates to the design, as well fundamental changes to make the site better. I thought I would give a small list, so you could get an idea of what types of updates occurred, and if they would be appropriate for your situation. The Site Design The design of the site is completely new, which many people who had visited will notice. However, each of the elements was specifically choosen … [Read more...]