Service Desk Website

This internal help desk web application was built to replace several off the shelf applications that were not meeting the needs of the organization, and were costing the organization too much money. The Service Desk web application is built on top of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product. A .Net web application, built using C#, was used to provide a custom front end. jQuery and jQueryUI were used to enhance the user experience, and proper use of CSS was used to provide a fast and consistent … [Read more...]

Browser Know How – IE7

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) came out approximately 6 years after Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), a very long time between any two versions of software, but especially on the Internet. During this time, Internet Explorer 6 was the most common browser, and Microsoft took that for granted, and other, better browsers, came out. IE7 was Microsoft’s response to Firefox, Safari, and Opera. With 6 years to develop the next generation of browser, you would expect the new version to have any and every feature … [Read more...]

Browser Know How – IE 6

I've recently been talking about Google's new browser, Chrome, looking at why you might want to and not want to use it. So I thought I'd recap other browsers as well. One which can't be ignored is Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). IE6 is probably the longest surviving web browser of all time, and is both loved and hated. Ye old Browser It came out in August of 2001, over 7 years ago at this point of this writing, which in Internet years means it might as well be over 700 years old. While IE6 … [Read more...]

Search Engines and Flash Files

In the past, the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, et all) couldn't really search Flash files that well. Well Adobe has been working with the search engines to allow them to search the Flash sites, widgets, buttons, and more. This is good news on the surface, but still requires one digging a little deeper before trying to get a nifty Flash site. Here are three quick take aways to know about, before The first thing to know, is you still have to use text, as text, to be … [Read more...]