Access2Learn is a separate website I maintain for students that I teach. The website was originally intended to be just for my students, however, I noticed that more and more people were visiting to get access to the notes. So in Jan of 2013, I went through a major redesign, and built the site on top of WordPress. Now I have better organization, a built in search feature, and downloads that I can track. The layout was based off of the Genesis Theme, however, a child theme was developed to … [Read more...]

How fast do changes take affect online?

Image via Wikipedia People often want to know how fast to changes occur on-line.¬† They may be used to traditional print advertisign, such as newspaper and magazine, in which changes to an ad might take weeks or months to be seen. Even worse, consider wanting to change some text in your phone book ad.¬† If you see an error (imagine a wrong phone number), or want to make a change the week your book comes out, it will take a twelve long months to update your ad. On-line, things can occur … [Read more...]

Treat your past customers carefully

Image via WikipediaAdobe Dreamweaver is a tool used to design and develop web pages. I've used Dreamweaver for several versions, starting back in Version 4, when it was owned by Macromedia. Version 10 was just released to public beta yesterday. I didn't upgrade to the previous version (V.9) because Dreamweaver didn't add all of the value I was wanting or needing, and as I've posted about before, there were some issues regarding how effective it was for me given the more complex types of … [Read more...]

More Metrics – What Pages are Seen (First)

Learning how our web site works is an important task. We've seen some simple examples in previous steps (visits, page views, and unique visitors) as well as determining how long someone visited your site, and which was the last page they viewed.Most of these metrics were simple to user, and that is fine. However, now we want to look at the flip-side of which pages people leave on, that is what pages they are viewing, and which ones do they view first. This is which pages people go to first, … [Read more...]