South Florida Putting Greens

I took over this site several years ago. It was originally designed by another company, however, the site was taking a long time to load, and did not provide for an easy way for customers to contact the company. I initially redesigned the layout of the website, shaving off almost a megabyte of download per page by optimizing the navigation structure. This was done using CSS Sprites, and removing table based layouts. This produced a faster downloading site, that appeared quicker to the end … [Read more...]

Does clean HTML lead to better Search Engine Rankings?

I've seen numerous posts where people have claimed that good clean HTML leads to better SEO rankings. I've even talked about the lie that of the link between SEO and valid HTML. I've yet to see any studies done which verify this claim and in fact I've even seen evidence to the opposite effect being true. I pointed out how in some competitive markets, the higher the ranking for the site the worse the validation recently in another post. This does not mean that poor code relates to higher … [Read more...]

ARC Loans and Opportunities

The government will be starting back the ARC loans (more info) which will given struggling businesses up to $35,000 to borrow interest free. ARC loans are supposed to help the small businesses which are stuggling due to the economy and thus the fact that there are fewer customers, and the customers are buying less.¬† ARC loans are to help bridge that gap in income, and help you remain solvent while looking for new opportunities. Many businesses are turning to the Internet to find new … [Read more...]

Valid HTML Helps Search Engine Rankings – NOT!

Image via Wikipedia There are lots of interesting theories out there about how one can get there site to rank better in search engines. Unfortunately much of this advice, while it would make since, is wrong. One example is that correct, valid HTML code is important for search engines to read your website, and thus for you rank highly. This makes sense for several reasons: bad code may not be read by a search engine as it doesn't know what it sees, search engines want to promote … [Read more...]