Building Effective Landing Pages – An Example

Going live today are thousands of landing pages. You know those pages when you click on a link from an email that you receive, or a "sponsored list"/ad from a website or search engine. Many of these landing pages will be well done, but others will not. Today we will look at one example of a landing page that is going live today, to give you an idea of what to look for in a good landing page. This page loads fast! In fact, in our testing it displays under a half a second, and is finished … [Read more...]

How important is search ranking?

photo credit: tj scenes Just how important is your search engine ranking? Well consider that in 2002, about one-third of all users typically searched for something each day. Now in 2008, a new high of just under one half (49%) are searching daily for something on the Internet, according to the latest study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. It is an interesting to note, and see that it is also growing at a faster rate than other activities which people might do on the … [Read more...]

Search Engines and Flash Files

In the past, the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, et all) couldn't really search Flash files that well. Well Adobe has been working with the search engines to allow them to search the Flash sites, widgets, buttons, and more. This is good news on the surface, but still requires one digging a little deeper before trying to get a nifty Flash site. Here are three quick take aways to know about, before The first thing to know, is you still have to use text, as text, to be … [Read more...]

Google fills out your search forms

Occasionally I have found sites that on their home page you would have to select a company or product from a drop down box, and then enter the site from that information. Until now, Google could not access those pages without being provided direct links. Sites with these types of pages were often called the "Deep Web" or the "Invisible Web", because search engines could not access them. Google has said in the past that they believe that 80% or more of web pages are "hidden" to them because … [Read more...]