Should your business be tweeting?

This week another article has come out about Fortune 500 CEOs not tweeting enough. You see this periodically. Generally, the article is something like "I tweet. You don't. So you're doing it wrong." However, it is also from someone who isn't running a large company. This is like the guy who watches the pro play a game, and complain about how the pro is blowing the game. If he was playing instead, the team would be winning. And how many people believe the arm chair quarterback? … [Read more...]

Increasing your Facebook Fans

Recently I've helped two clients of mine increase traffic to their Facebook pages, and thus increase the number of likes they receive. The reason for showcasing the two, is that the two companies approached the process in two completely different ways. I will share the two different methods, and why it worked for each of them in the next two posts. I wanted to share both because so many times you will read there is "the" way to make something work, but that is not always the case. Of … [Read more...]

Interview Published in Education Portal

Image by Igi's TV Network via Flickr As I've mentioned before, I teach web technologies at a local college part time. Recently I was interviewed for an article on the use of Social Media in the classroom. Specifically I spoke about using Facebook for my classes, and why I do it. The reason was simple, it is where my class already was (I only had one student who wasn't on Facebook at the time.) I went to where they where. This should be something all small businesses should do; know where … [Read more...]

Another view on Web 2.0

In the past we talked about different aspects of Web 2.0 and using Web 2.0 in your business, and how it was being used to give control back to the users of the web, and let people contribute. We looked in the past at things like blogs and RSS feeds, wikis, and forums, as a method of people interacting with the owner, and each other. The video below, shows the "how" (not the "what") the web can be a social medium. Looking at things like user reviews, rating, etc. Social Media in Plain … [Read more...]