Service Desk Website

This internal help desk web application was built to replace several off the shelf applications that were not meeting the needs of the organization, and were costing the organization too much money. The Service Desk web application is built on top of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM product. A .Net web application, built using C#, was used to provide a custom front end. jQuery and jQueryUI were used to enhance the user experience, and proper use of CSS was used to provide a fast and consistent … [Read more...]

Moving Web Hosts – What you need to know!

Recently I was helping a client move from one host to another. After going through this experience a couple of times with various clients, I thought I would write down my experiences so one might know the steps to move a site from one hosting company to another. You will need to get copies of your existing files. This is best done my getting them from your existing host. This may be done via FTP. In some cases you can download the files from the site, but more modern sites will run Content … [Read more...]