Access2Learn is a separate website I maintain for students that I teach. The website was originally intended to be just for my students, however, I noticed that more and more people were visiting to get access to the notes. So in Jan of 2013, I went through a major redesign, and built the site on top of WordPress. Now I have better organization, a built in search feature, and downloads that I can track. The layout was based off of the Genesis Theme, however, a child theme was developed to … [Read more...]

Dayspring Community Church

I took over this site in 2005 and maintained the site through 2011 to improve the timeliness of the content. I added several features to make the administration easier, and capable by the church staff. These included: Adding an online gallery. Converting the layout to CSS to reduce download time, improve search engine ranking, and improve readability for those with visual impairments. Developing dynamic pages for each of the ministries so that church staff can make updates on their … [Read more...]

How Fast Is Your Website?

Image by zerok via Flickr Yahoo recently updated one of their tools for grading and optimizing websites.¬† It's called YSlow, and it checks your site for several different decisions and tools which you (or your web designer) may have implemented. YSlow is an add on to the Firebug tool which is a Firefox extension - so at this point, you can't run it in any other browser, however both Firefox and Firebug are free tools so there is no cost to you other than time. YSlow is nice because it … [Read more...]

How I’m updating my site

One thing I've noticed, is that while working on other companies web sites, the one web site which tends to get updated the least is.... my own. This apparently isn't specific to me, as I've talked with many other web designers who have the same issue. I've even heard of web designers hiring other web designers to do their web site. Since it has been a little while since I did a major update to my site (this past summer when I added the blog), I decided I should be performing some updates. … [Read more...]