Customer Training @ SunGard Public Sector

I took over the Training & Development websites for SunGard PS in 2007. I was tasked with redesigning the interface and managing the training system. This legacy application is written in ASP Classic and connects to a SQL Server 2008 database. The database was updated from SQL Server 2000 when I started on the project. I found several defects in the system that was purchased, and went about redesigning core components over the next several years.  This included  redesigning the Class … [Read more...]

South Florida Putting Greens

I took over this site several years ago. It was originally designed by another company, however, the site was taking a long time to load, and did not provide for an easy way for customers to contact the company. I initially redesigned the layout of the website, shaving off almost a megabyte of download per page by optimizing the navigation structure. This was done using CSS Sprites, and removing table based layouts. This produced a faster downloading site, that appeared quicker to the end … [Read more...]

How Many People Use Other Browsers?

Recently I wrote about a company who designed their website solely for users of Internet Explorer. Most research shows that on a typical day 20% to 25% of all web visits occur with another browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for example). And not allowing your site to be viewable in other browsers, is just like it not allowing a customer in your store because of the type of car they drive. Interesting research is being shown, that more and more users have multiple browsers installed on their … [Read more...]

Valid HTML Helps Search Engine Rankings – NOT!

Image via Wikipedia There are lots of interesting theories out there about how one can get there site to rank better in search engines. Unfortunately much of this advice, while it would make since, is wrong. One example is that correct, valid HTML code is important for search engines to read your website, and thus for you rank highly. This makes sense for several reasons: bad code may not be read by a search engine as it doesn't know what it sees, search engines want to promote … [Read more...]