Updates to WordPress

I use Wordpress, and have been using it for a couple of years now. Some clients have been asking, why I recommend using Wordpress, even if they are not going to have a blog (i.e. using it as a Content Management System or CMS). One of the things I like about Wordpress is they are very responsive to fixing bugs, but more importantly to fixing security problems. Some wonder how software, which is offered for free, could offer maintenance in a timely fashion. The answer is in the volunteers … [Read more...]

New Website Live

Just released another client website into the wild - In Focus Family Law. The site was developed using WordPress as a Content Management System. While WordPress is normally used for blogging, recent versions have allowed it to be used for normal websites even easier. The front end interface was designed by a former student of mine, and I converted her designs into the WordPress template. We choose WordPress because: The number of plug-ins readily available to help develop the site … [Read more...]

Conference Speaking

This week I had a chance to spend a few days at the eLearning Guild's Annual Gathering - immensely enjoyed it by the way. It combined two of the things I really enjoy - education/training and technology. I gave a session on Free and Low Cost Tools for Developing eLearning Content. In the current economy it helps to find the best resources that you can, at the best prices. And while there are many expensive solutions, there are also many low cost solutions. I have posted a website as a … [Read more...]