Dayspring Community Church

I took over this site in 2005 and maintained the site through 2011 to improve the timeliness of the content. I added several features to make the administration easier, and capable by the church staff. These included: Adding an online gallery. Converting the layout to CSS to reduce download time, improve search engine ranking, and improve readability for those with visual impairments. Developing dynamic pages for each of the ministries so that church staff can make updates on their … [Read more...]

Your Business Email Address

I can't believe how often I see people using a free email address for their business on-line. Imagine if you would, going to buy a new car, maybe a Jaguar. You meet with the owner of the dealership, and on his business card is "". What is your perception? When people get "", or any other similar type account, it will tend to lessen the perceived value of your business. While it may not be a deal breaker, it cannot help you sell yourself, your product, … [Read more...]

New Website Live

Just released another client website into the wild - In Focus Family Law. The site was developed using WordPress as a Content Management System. While WordPress is normally used for blogging, recent versions have allowed it to be used for normal websites even easier. The front end interface was designed by a former student of mine, and I converted her designs into the WordPress template. We choose WordPress because: The number of plug-ins readily available to help develop the site … [Read more...]

Moving Web Hosts – What you need to know!

Recently I was helping a client move from one host to another. After going through this experience a couple of times with various clients, I thought I would write down my experiences so one might know the steps to move a site from one hosting company to another. You will need to get copies of your existing files. This is best done my getting them from your existing host. This may be done via FTP. In some cases you can download the files from the site, but more modern sites will run Content … [Read more...]