Should YOU Hire a Freelancer?

Any time a new project is about to start, the question comes up, who should do it? Sometimes the question is spoken out loud, sometimes it is merely inferred.

A small business, or any business for that matter, has three basic choices.

First, they can choose to do it them self. I see a lot of small businesses make this decision, especially sole proprietors. They often feel that they are the only one that they can trust to get the job done right. This should be fine, assuming that they have the time, knowledge, and resources to successfully complete the project.

Second, they can choose to hire someone full time to work on the project. This makes a lot of sense if it will need to continually be managed, and/or is going to be a core part of your business.

Finally, you can hire an outside company, or individual to perform the work. If you are looking at a one off project, then it may be good to bring in someone from the outside who can work on that single project to complete it in a timely manner.

An outside agency, or individual AKA a freelancer, may seem expensive per hour, however, when you consider you are getting someone who already knows how to perform the tasks, and you won’t have to purchase the tools, train the individual(s), pay for benefits, etc. It probably will work out best for you to hire someone outside your organization.

Despite the name Freelancers don’t work for free. This just means they work project by project. An experienced freelancer has spent years working on perfecting their craft. I, for example, have been developing websites professionally for over 15 years. I’ve learned 4 different computer languages, and more tools than I can count to solve the problems my clients have. Needless to say an experienced freelancer can perform the needed tasks better and faster than someone just learning within your organization.