Any Occasion Photography Blog

I recently put the finishing touches on another client's blog. Any Occasion Photography, a wedding photography company in Central Florida, has been a client of mine since 2004 when it opened. Over the years I've done a redesign on their website and numerous gallery updates. However they were wanting something different a few weeks ago. They wanted a quick and easy way to post updates about their clients, the work they do, and tips and hints for brides (and grooms) when choosing a wedding … [Read more...]

Improving Website Speed

No one likes a slow website. Everyone knows this, and I've even written about speeding up your website before. In the past, users would be willing to wait approximately seven seconds for a web page to load before they leave. Now, as users are getting used to faster sites, and higher bandwidth from their cable or DSL provider, they are even less willing to wait. ┬áSome recent reports are stating that after two seconds (the holy grail of web speed), users are starting to leave the site to find a … [Read more...]

Showcases To Go

Walt Design developed a database to store the contents of their catalog and built a shopping cart for their users to store their purchases in. From there the user can choose to purchase online, in which case it takes their credit card information, or offline, in which case it builds a print off form so they can mail in a check if they want to. Additionally special discounts, limited run promotions, and other complexities are handled through this system. Also there is a password protected … [Read more...]

Any Occasion Photography

The site was designed to show potential customers the different types of photography that Any Occasion Photography shoots, as well as generate leads from the interest it would create. Therefore, potential customers are shown the different types of photography services they provide, as well as photography samples. The Photo Galleries are all dynamically generated, so the site owner only has to upload the files into the correct folder. Thumbnails and larger images are dynamically … [Read more...]